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Who Are We?

There are over 2000 amateur radio operators in Clark County Washington.  About 100 belong to the local Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES/RACES) group.  In a disaster, that would leave potentially 1900 Radio operators available to provide visual (eyes on the ground) reporting in areas where damages or injuries have occurred.  Thus helping save lives and protect property.

EYEWARN is a group of trained amateur radio volunteers, providing disaster reporting services for those Radio operators that choose to report damages or injuries.

We report what we see... from where we are.


Interested in learning even more about the Clark County

Amateur Radio Club EYEWARN program?



To view an informative video on the EYEWARN program in Clark County, click the link on the left or here.


For more information, contact James/KE7ZAC at info@eyewarn.net




Is it an Emergency or a Disaster?


An emergency is an urgent need for help that can be handled by the normal emergency response services.  A call to 9-1-1 can get these services rolling.


A disaster is when normal emergency response services are overwhelmed. When that happens, County Emergency Managers can use our help in providing situation information observed by amateur radio operators in, and around the effected area.


The Clark County Amateur Radio Club EYEWARN net's primary purpose is to operate when a disaster occurs and provide Visual Situation Reports on what you see "out your window".





Emergency Managers at all levels have many concerns when providing emergency services during a disaster or emergency.  One of the more important concerns is having a broad and accurate situational awareness of the event. 


The EYEWARN network addresses that concern.


For the EYEWARN Tri-fold, click here.


To contact an EYEWARN official, send an email to info@eyewarn.net.





To submit a visual situation report when the EYEWARN Net is activated for an actual event, go to the W7AIA 147.24+ 94.8 repeater and you will find the Net. If the repeater is down, go to the EYEWARN Net simplex primary freqency of 146.43.






Submitting a visual situation report when the EYEWARN Net is activated for an actual event, report go to the W7AIA 147.24+ 94.8 repeater and you will find the Net. If the repeater is down, go to the EYEWARN Net simplex primary freqency of 146.43.


The W7AIA 443.125+ (94.8) near Yacolt is normally linked to the 147.24. During an actual emergency or disaster, it may be unlinked at any time by the Clark County ARES/RACES group who has priority use for actual or exercise emergency traffic needs.


The EYEWARN Net meets weekly on Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm on 147.24- (94.8) for training.  These weekly nets will be used for net familiarization, training and practice of EYEWARN procedures.  


Occasionally we will conduct the EYEWARN net on simplex to practice the loss of the repeater capability so if you don’t find us on 147.24+ (94.8), check on our primary VHF simplex 146.43, secondary simplex 146.56, or UHF simplex 445.975.



EYEWARN net participants need to learn and be familiar with the net procedures.


EYEWARN net control stations are trained specifically in net procedures.


Although not required, EYEWARN net participants are encouraged to take Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training when available to increase their personal and family knowledge, skills and abilities to be able to operate in difficult situations.




Did you just get your license and a radio but you don’t know if it is working correctly? Did you just buy a new antenna or microphone and want to know if your audio sounds better with the new equipment? Did you get your home station to work on 6 meters or 220 MHz but you can’t find anyone on the band to get a signal report? Here is a time to test your equipment.

The EYEWARN Net Control group will be hosting a radio test session after the regularly scheduled exercise net on every third Thursday of the month. The radio test session will be hosted by our EYEWARN Net Controller and is intended to provide a casual opportunity for all Ham operators to test out their equipment to see what work and what doesn’t.

Tune into the 147.240+ repeater (94.8 tone) at 7:00 to check-in to the EYEWARN weekly exercise and then hang around after the net closes to test your equipment. For more information, send an email to info@eyewarn.net

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