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 The Mission

The EYEWARN network provides additional visual support and ground truth to Emergency Management Organizations like Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA) and the Clark County Amateur Radio Emergency Service/Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (CCARES/RACES), expanding the situational awareness of each, and assisting in saving lives and protecting property.  This network will not circumvent or replace the standard Clark County 9-1-1 reporting process or formal amateur radio emergency traffic networks such as those provided by CCARES/RACES.



The Concept

EYEWARN is a program sponsored by the Clark County Amateur Radio Club (CCARC) in conjunction with Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA) and the Clark County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (CCARES/RACES).   It is a group of amateur radio volunteers (many not  affiliated with a recognized amateur radio emergency communications support group) throughout the county providing visual reporting of areas where damages or emergencies may exist. 


This service in time of need will provide the incident Emergency Managers better visibility and situational awareness of the affected area.   EYEWARN’s visually acquired  information will be reported to CRESA, CCARES/RACES or other requesting agency.

Participating radio amateurs may or may not be part of CCARES/RACES or CCARC but can report events from their current location when needed.  Although we will schedule and conduct training events, we will not self-activate in an actual event until officially requested.  Radio amateurs are to report from their current location and are not mobilized, nor should they self-mobilize to look for damages.  

There are about 1700 licensed radio amateurs in Clark County.  Around three hundred (300) licensed amateurs are members of CCARC and fewer than one hundred (100) belong to CCARES/RACES.   We need all amateur radio operators to participate to make this an effective program to support disaster situation reporting in Clark County.


The EYEWARN program encourages any licensed amateur radio operator to provide additional visual situation reporting to Emergency Managers through a trained net control station in time of a disaster or emergency.





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